Is Your Pet the Messiest?

Contest submissions will be judged primarily based on their entertainment value and must be tasteful and appropriate for family viewing. Contest Sponsor reserves the right, in their sole discretion, to remove any submissions they deem inappropriate. 

It's a "messy" pet contest, but let's keep it clean, if you know what we mean!

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Our Reigning Champions

The Original Messy Dog

A sweet and loveable dog, but he has a nose for finding trouble and absolutely no table manners at all.


In fact, on more than one occasion we found Duke, all 95 pounds of him, standing on top of the dinner table eating the leftovers off the plates. We even caught him eating fried eggs out of the frying pan on the stovetop while they were still cooking!

The Original Messy Cat

How messy can a cat be you ask....
He may be little but he can make a mess. How about dumping out a a 10 pound bag of food. Why wait for the bowl when you can just shred the bag.

Past Winners

We don't have any past winners yet. Check back after the contest gets going to see who is in the running for the World's Messiest Pet.

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